Our inspiration

The Kailash temple is famous for the vertical excavation that it features. The top down excavation over the original rock that moves from top to the bottom is the best part of its construction. During the construction of the temple, the traditional method of construction had been strictly followed by the master architects of the temple as it could not have been done from the front end.  It’s hard to fathom- that something as elaborate as this done with just chisels and Hammers. At Craftsview we’re deeply inspired by the architectural design and the monolithic craftsmanship of great Indian artisans. We do believe such magnificent artefacts can breathe and talk. Thus all our products are carefully chosen to put things into perspective and to add value to your life.




Artisans at work – a sight to behold and an inspiration in our lives

Isn’t great to see a master artisan at work sculpting a master piece on traditional lost wax casting techniques . Take a virtual tour of an artisan’s work, watch them at work and soak in the experience. Know more about them, about the history, materials and inspirations of their craft.



Our ideology

It is our strong endevour to uplift and sustain the dying age old tradition of of India to a certain extend we could do by offering the fair remuneration to the artisans and creating an eco-system  for sustainable development. At Craftsview we honour every artisan who work relentlessly to create these masterpiece and strongly believe that they should deserve their fair bit of share for their hard work that goes into making a product.

When you buy handmade, you are saying, ” I support the quality product of individual artisan’s rather than the lower prices of sweat shop labour”

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